Philophobia is the fear of love.

It’s a feeling you begin to get when you feel yourself attaching to someone who may easily walk out.

It’s a constant feeling of uncertainty, never knowing when it’s going to end, but having the constant mindset that it will.

Many people who find themselves with philophobia, most likely have been abandoned in the past.

Abandonment is a reoccurring issue that we tend to see happening in this world nowadays.

Commitment suddenly isn’t known as much.

People tend to jump from person to person, to meet their satisfactory and needs.

We, as humans, tend to dispose of things when we no longer feel like they have a purpose.

Unfortunately, we’ve decided to start disposing one another instead of inanimate objects.

Love is something beautiful and fragile.

It’s something that can make someone feel alive again after feeling so lost.

Many people are afraid of being alone, and having someone to love, cures that for them.

Sometimes in the end, it doesn’t seem to work out.

We tend to find ourselves distracted and uninterested with who we’re with, that we begin to slip away

The majority of the time, it’s an easy process to realize that things just aren’t meant to be.

It may tear you or your significant other apart, but in the long run, it’s what’s best.

However, a term that’s been coming to life more than commitment, is ghosting.

Ghosting is where you disappear from someone’s life with no reasoning and leaving no evidence as to why, behind.

This is a form of how philophobia begins.

When you fall in love with someone and they decide one day that it isn’t worth it anymore, and just vanish, it leaves you with uncertainty and no closure.

Our minds begin to believe it’s us who caused it.

That eventually leads to the feeling of worthlessness, hopelessness, being unlovable, etc.

One simple action can destroy someone, inside and out.

It’s a mental battle that the person has got to face daily, until they find the smallest bit of closure.

In this world, we tend to forget what it’s like to be completely loved.

Whether it’s by a significant other or simply just a friend.

We develop trust issues and anxiety around the fact of not being good enough for people.

Falling for someone used to be the most beautiful thing.

The butterflies you get when you hear their name or see them.

The endless smiles you have while talking to them.

The constant checking to see if you received a message from them.

Now we all have that lingering feeling of ‘what if i’m not enough’.

We see other people of the same sex and wonder “what if they’d rather have someone pretty like that”?

We begin to degrade ourselves because we feel as though, everything is based off our appearances.

But it’s not.

Find someone who loves you for you.

You don’t have to be the prettiest person in the room to get someone’s attention.

I’d rather be the kindest person than the prettiest person.

Having a good soul will take you a whole lot further than a pretty face.

It’s okay to find yourself wondering why someone would go for you, it’s a normal thought we all get.

But just know you’re worth more than what you can see.

Don’t let your past define your future.

Allow someone to come into your life and show you that you are lovable.

Because you are.

At the end of the day, there’s someone out there who thinks about you.

Someone who thinks of how amazing and spectacular you truly are.

Someone who can’t help but to smile at the thought of you.

And even if there’s not, there will be.

Don’t let past relationships and mistakes, hold you back from truly giving yourself a shot at happiness.

You’re lovable.

You’re worthy.

You’re spectacular.

Don’t you ever forget it.

Published by nolanareann

I’m a nineteen year old who has a passion for this world. I believe writing is a way to express genuine issues that us as a society, are blind towards.

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