love is almost like a tree.

it starts off being planted within our hearts.

and slowly growing the more we take care of it.

instead of water, we use words.

words from the one whom planted the seeds.

the roots grow strong and it begins to bloom.


at any given moment, it could collapse.

whether it’s a lighting strike or simply old age.

just like nature.

sometimes the roots grow weak,

and it collapses at our feet.

love is more than just a feeling.

it’s a deep connection that binds two souls.

there will come days where a hurricane hits,

and it takes every bit of energy to stand tall.

the aftermath can take a while to clean up,

but it’s always worth it.

it’s more than having someone to hold.

it’s finding a part of you, inside someone else.

the endless rush of adrenaline you get around them.

endlessly finding yourself falling for them.

it all starts from one simple seed.

with the right love and energy, it continues to blossom into a beautiful masterpiece.

some days you may put in more love than you receive.

but what’s love without a little bit of bumps?

trees tend to give out oxygen for us to breathe,

while they intake the carbon dioxide that is dangerous to us.

love is the same way.

we intake all our flaws and they turn into a beautiful masterpiece to one another.

we release love and hope into each other, to keep us growing.

there’s nothing like a life with a little bit of love.

plant the seed within yourself first.

let yourself bloom with grace.

take your patience and love and find that person to plant the seed within.

let love grow slowly and beautifully.

let it bloom.

Published by nolanareann

I’m a twenty year old who has a passion for this world. I believe writing is a way to express genuine issues that us as a society, are blind towards.

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