To Be Loved

We all crave to be loved.

Whether it’s from a significant other,

or whether it’s from a friend.

At the end of the day,

we just want validation that we’re needed.

We go out of our way sometimes,

just to get the love we so desperately want.

Some people are at the point where they’ll accept any form of love.

We sometimes let toxicity in our life,

and it consider it love.

We let someone break our walls,

just to give them a sense of pride.

We allow ourselves to crumble in the hands of another.

All because we accept the love we think we deserve.

We never think we deserve the best.

Some people have been broken too many times,

to where they accept any love.

Even when it’ll break them.

Loving someone isn’t about loving what they are,

it’s about loving who they are.

Break through the skin of another,

and learn how to fall for the soul that lives within the flesh.

Acceptance is a beautiful thing.

There’s no shame in taking the time to fall for the heart and mind,

over chasing the beauty on the outside.

Sometimes the prettiest faces,

will cause the most damage.

It truly is a scary thing.

It’s not always going to work out,

and the pain of heartbreak can become unbearable.

To be loved,

is to be seen.

You don’t need to shower someone with gifts,

to prove you love them.

You don’t need to post them,

to show that you care.

Shower them with your attention.

Remember the small details about them.

Learn their little tricks.

Fall in love with their actions.

Learn each others love language.

Love is a beautiful gift.

Two souls binding together.

All the memories that build up over time.

All the endless smiles and jokes.

The feeling of being complete.

We all have a missing part of us,

if we aren’t surrounded by love.

The love from friends,


or a significant other.

Loving someone is more than just loving a person.

It’s loving the way you feel around them.

It’s the feeling that everything is right.

It’s creating a home within a pair of arms.

Feeling safe within their embrace.

Sometimes we fall in love with the right person,

at the wrong time.

Life is a gamble.

We win some, we lose some.

We all have that one person,

who we thought we’d last forever with.

Then life changed and one path ,

turned into two.

We often sit in the dark,

wondering what would’ve happened if life never changed.

We often question our own worth,

based off of other people.

We feel that if someone left us,

that means we weren’t worthy of love.

That maybe we’re just broken goods.

That is not true.

Love is very complex.

As scary as it is,

we can’t control it the way we wish we could.

Sometimes we wake up,

and realize its not what we want anymore.

But one day,

you’ll wake up next to your significant other.

You’ll roll over and kiss them goodmorning.

You’ll lay in silence for a few moments,

before going to check on your kids.

It’s moments like that,

that make the heartbreaks worth it.

Support one another.

Always lift each other up.

Love is fragile.

Us humans, sometimes don’t realize that.

Never love someone who treats you like you’re ordinary.

The most beautiful thing in this world cannot be seen,

but it can be felt by the heart.

No matter what anyone has told you,

you are worthy of being loved.

Published by nolanareann

I’m a twenty year old who has a passion for this world. I believe writing is a way to express genuine issues that us as a society, are blind towards.

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  1. Nolan’s. This so beautiful and so true
    It’s authentic and from your heart
    It awes me that you express love so well at your age.

    All I can say is this must be your gift as photography is mine.


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