Before I met you, I had this fear of being in love.

I remember seeing my parents tell each other that they loved one another, and then glass would break and voices would shake the house.

I remember seeing love as this damaged idea and it became imprinted in me.

I never told people I loved them, including the majority of my family.

I was so afraid the second I did, that the bad side of it would come exploding, like it had my entire childhood.

Yet when you looked me in the eyes and held my face, while telling me you loved me… that’s a feeling i’ll never be able to forget.

It felt like I had come up for air after drowning in this fear of emotions.

It was like the world finally had color and I was able to truly see again.

Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Every moment we’ve had together, has been treasured and locked in my heart forever.

You bring out the best in me, while loving the worst of me.

I always believed I was unlovable because of the baggage I came with.

My past is a lot for even my simple friends to handle, I could’ve never imagined someone falling in love with me.

Yet you never saw me for that.

You saw me as someone who was strong.

Someone who fought through hell and made it out on top.

You remind me every single day that I am not my past and that I’m stronger than I will ever know.

You made me into a better person.

I fell in love with life again, as I was falling in love with you.

I’m forever grateful for all of our spontaneous road trips, bucees adventures, random walmart stops and everything in between.

Your love isn’t the only thing that I’ve gained from meeting you.

I’ve gotten to meet three other incredible humans.

Your parents have created a warm and welcoming environment ever since I first met them.

Although I’m shy and very much reserved, they still welcomed me and allowed me to open up at my pace.

Your sister is such a light in this world.

She brightens every room she’s in and she’s got so much potential for this world.

She’s going to do amazing things one day and she’ll leave such an imprint on many lives.

Your family showed me what it’s like to know a family’s love.

God knew I needed to feel that love.

God knew that I needed someone to show me the brighter sides of life and all the things I missed out on.

He sent me you.

The worlds second funniest person

(besides me)

You are truly a ray of sunshine in not only my life, but everyone’s.

Your smile lights up the entire world and I wish you loved it as much as I do.

God takes his time with people, but my goodness, He really took his time with you.

I am forever grateful that I get to love you, support you, and watch you continue to do amazing things.

I look forward to everything else that this life has in store for us.

I love you today, tomorrow, and every single day after that.

Published by nolanareann

I’m a twenty year old who has a passion for this world. I believe writing is a way to express genuine issues that us as a society, are blind towards.

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