Beauty is pain

Who are you?

That is a question society asks us everyday. It also asks us why we aren’t covering up our stretch marks, why we aren’t wearing makeup to hide our acne, and why we are ashamed to be ourselves.

Our society is bad at a lot of things, however the one thing it’s good at is making us feel worthless.

Everytime we go online, we’re bombarded with pictures of “perfect” women and being told we aren’t good enough until we look like them.

We’re so quick to blame the pretty people. I say that, using the word “pretty” lightly. In my personal opinion, I truly believe everyone is beautiful. However, society will be quick to tell us otherwise.

The one thing us as humans don’t really comprehend, is that pretty people can be insecure too.

Being insecure is a feeling, not a fact. It’s something we feel about ourselves. We tend to zoom in on our imperfections, even though they are what make us beautiful.

I’m not saying this just about women either. This applies to everyone.

Nowadays, we tell boys that they’re not capable of showing emotion. We believe all males are full of themselves and don’t understand what it’s like to feel bad about themselves.

That is simply incorrect, here’s why.

Remove the labels for a quick second. Strip away the gender and just replace it with “human being”. Now, we’re all the same, right? We all feel things. We all go through waves of emotions. Life is a rollercoaster for everyone. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Males shouldn’t be looked down upon for being insecure. They also shouldn’t be looked down upon for struggling with their mental health.

Recently a football star, whom goes by Andrew Luck, retired suddenly. It was fast, unexpected, and people were angry.

He came out and said he was struggling. He had a list of injuries and genuinely needed time to focus on his mental health and his family.

Many fans, who were disappointed, were quick to create chaos. He was shamed for leaving out of nowhere, to better himself. I even read an article about how he’s a male and is supposed to deal with it.

That right there, is what is wrong with society.

Mental health is a very important topic that people don’t take serious. Instead, people make jokes and poke fun at the diseases. Many consider it to be “dark humor”, but in reality, it’s just simply wrong.

We have unlimited access to social media. That in itself is scary. People use it in ways that are toxic. We spread hate and even have the option to do it anonymously.

When are people going to understand that something isn’t right? When are we, as a society, going to admit that we’re damaged? Once we own up to our flaws and imperfections, we can begin to heal and grow.

Beauty is not what reflects on the outside. Beauty lays within you and your heart.

You are not the voices in your head.

You are strong, beautiful, worthy, and amazing. You’re capable of so much more than you know.

Society will tear you down. It’ll push you to the floor and run you over. You have the power to stand back up and to let your roar be heard.

This is your time to prosper. This is your chance to be heard. Break those broken walls down and build stronger ones up. Become a better you.

Be yourself in the mist of uncertainty.

Why Guns Aren’t the Problem

Here in America, we take pride in owning guns. We enjoy the protection we feel, knowing we can protect ourselves in a time of need.

On average, 88 out of 100 people own guns here in the United States. Although some might find that comforting, with recent events, many feel afraid.

In 2019 there have been 21+ mass shootings, leaving 130+ dead and 65+ wounded. On average, there has been at least one shooting per day. Recent studies show that 114,994 people are killed yearly due to guns, whether its a mass shooting or even suicide.

Currently, in America, we’re divided about whether or not we need gun control. Some even believe that guns should be banned. In reality, what is that going to do?

In America, eighteen year old’s are capable of purchasing shotguns, rifles, and ammunition. All other guns, including handguns, require you to be at least 21.

Imagine we get rid of guns. Do you really think that’s going to end all violence?

The answer is no. There have been plenty of mass stabbings here in America. Also, with advanced technology, it’s easy for people to create weapons such as bombs.

Although I do agree that we need to have better background checks to obtain a gun, I don’t think that’s our main problem. Many people are quick to blame the gun, but in reality, we’re the problem. The gun is unable to load itself and take action, it’s all at our fingertip.

We’re trying so hard to make guns harder to have, but we’re not focusing on the true problem. We need to be there for one another during these tough times. Most shooters have had underlying mental health problems that caused them to snap.

It’s a lot easier to blame others than to take responsibility. We blame a gun because we don’t want to ruin our pride. However, there comes a time where our only option is to take blame, so we can focus on change.

Getting rid of guns in general, would be dangerous. We use them for protection and they’ve helped many in times of need. However, those who suffer from a mental illness shouldn’t have the right to a gun.

I don’t say this to shame people with illnesses. I suffer from many mental illnesses myself, which is why I refuse to own a gun. Mental illnesses are very serious and at times, can be unpredictable. At any given moment, we can snap and become a danger to others and ourselves.

I know we’re trying to protect our younger generations from the evil that lingers in this world, but the truth is, there’s no escaping it. It’s best to address the issues and prepare them for the worst.

There’s no telling if this world will always be this dangerous. Maybe if we try, we can brighten it up and change it for the better. To do that, we have to take control of our problems and admit that we’re in the wrong.

Human nature is flawed. A change in gun laws will not in and of itself change our nature.

Reach out to your loved ones. Check up on those who may need it the most. You never know what someone is going through. You never know how close to giving up or snapping they may be. You could prevent something bad from occurring.

Sit with the quiet kid at school. Use your voice to spread positivity. Stand up to the bullies. Help those in need. We have so many platforms to use our voices and we all take it for granted.

Next time you see someone with an armed gun, remember that it’s not the gun that’ll hurt you. It’s the person and their mental stability that truly pulls the trigger.

Introducing Me

Hello, my name is Nolana-Reann

Many of you may be wondering why someone my age would be interested in having a blog. I’m going to get into that shortly, but first, here’s a little about me.

I’m originally from Upstate New York, but I currently live in Indiana. I’m a military brat, so I’ve had my fair share of moves. Although I may come off as a normal teenage girl, I’m actually far from it.

At the age of ten years old, I saw the darkness this world endured. I was sexually assaulted by my father, for the first time. This continued for the next three years. This is a very important part of who I am and what I stand for. This year I put my father in jail and the journey is something I’m very vocal about.

The journey I’ve traveled is what really started my writing hobby. It was a way for me to escape the world and enter a new universe, that I could have control of.

Recently I realized how much impact writing can have on others. When you endure pain from your past, you never know who may have gone through similar incidents.

I started writing and posting on Facebook. The responses I received were unbelievable and the amount of support I saw, was priceless. It sparked a passion in me. I realized my purpose in life was to speak my mind and to make a difference in someone else’s life.

That’s what brought me here, to my blog. Having a platform to grow and expand on, is an amazing way to be heard. I believe with enough passion and time, I can make a true difference.

Some topics you can expect from me are:

  • guns
  • what we, as a nation, prioritize
  • beauty
  • our environment
  • our worth
  • inspirational topics
  • sexual assault

Many people may have different views on the topics I write about and that’s okay. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I believe we should all see things from both perspectives.

Some people I really hope connect with my writings, are people that believe they can make a difference. I want people to feel inspired to go out and do something good. I also want victims, such as myself, to feel heard and loved. It’s a difficult time for us and we need a platform to grow.

Thank you for reading and getting to know a little about me and my blog. I hope you stick around a while and truly get something out of my writings. Remember that you can do anything you put your mind to. Have a blessed day or night.